Expando is a non explosive demolition agent with an impressive 14,000 PSI expansive strength that will simplify the process of cutting and breaking rocks or concrete and takes the risk out of difficult excavation, trenching or demolition work.

By using Expando, you can save thousands of dollars and achieve your demolition objectives without having to hire expensive experts or specialised equipment like jackhammers, concrete saws or use explosive blasting.​





  • Cracking and breaking rocks and concrete in residential or commercial developments
  • Controlled demolition problem solver for use in confined spaces
  • Various excavation types associated with rock breaking, rock excavating, rock blasting, rock demolition
  • Cracking and breaking concrete (eg. demolition of mass reinforced concrete, pillars, beams, retaining walls, etc)
  • Sites with noise creation or pollution restrictions (ie. residential, schools, hospitals, airports)
  • Sites with restrictions around ground vibration, air blasting and/or dust pollution
  • Sites where surrounding buildings or other structures could be damaged by flying debris
  • Controlled demolition or partial, selective demolition sites
  • Interior demolition of reinforced concrete where you need to do concrete cutting and breaking
  • Can be used in conjunction with traditional demolition methods to help cut costs, work time and increase safety
  • Trenching, excavation, earthmoving and shoring
  • For underwater demolition of rock and concrete

Cost Effective


Low cost (bulk discounts)

Time saver on large jobs

No heavy equipment

No additional labour costs



No ecological contamination

No dust contamination

No toxic pollution

Environmentally friendly



No dangerous explosives

No flying debris

No dust or noise management

easy to use


Ideal for use in small spaces

No special permits needed

Easy to transport and store

No special training required

expando NZ


to this

with no sweat

From this


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