• Crack and break large rocks or concrete in residential homes and gardens


  • Controlled demolition problem solver for use in confined spaces


  • Various excavation types associated with rock breaking, rock excavating, rock blasting, rock demolition


  • Cracking and breaking concrete (eg. demolition of mass reinforced concrete, pillars, beams, retaining walls, etc)


  • Sites with noise creation or pollution restrictions (ie. residential, schools, hospitals, airports)


  • Sites with restrictions around ground vibration, air blasting and/or dust pollution


  • Sites where surrounding buildings or other structures could be damaged by flying debris


  • Controlled demolition or partial, selective demolition sites


  • Interior demolition of reinforced concrete where you need to do concrete cutting and breaking


  • Can be used in conjunction with traditional demolition methods to help cut costs, work time and increase safety


  • Trenching, excavation, earthmoving and shoring


  • For underwater demolition of rock and concrete

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